The Church of Scientology: Properties Owned by the Church of Scientology, Headquarters, the Sea Org Monastery, Religion Founder and American Science Fiction Author Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, Turning a Self-Help Book into a Religion, the Concept of Diametrics, Famous Scientology Practitioners, Hubbard’s Love for Celebrity, Auditing Within the Faith, the Conflict Between Psychological Medicine and the Church of Scientology, the Reason Scientology Finds New Believers, Church of Scientology Acronyms, the Electropsychometer Examination (Galvanic Response Measurement), and the Psychology of Why Followers Stay When They Want to Leave

Although exact figures are difficult to obtain, the church of Scientology is a multi billion dollar organization with annual revenue streams of hundreds of millions of dollars. The church owns properties all over the world including North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia. The churches headquarters is situated upon a 700 acre compound, 144 kilometres outside of Los Angeles, United States of America. The compound is protected by spiked fences and includes its own movie s...

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