The Life, Struggles, and Successes of American President Abraham Lincoln: The First U.S. President to Use Electric Communication, the Primary Question of the U.S. Civil War, the Cause of the U.S. Civil War, the Development of the U.S. War Department Near the U.S. White House, the First Situation Room Designed for a U.S. President, U.S. President Abraham Lincoln Understanding the Power of Electronic Communication, Northern U.S. Electronic Telegram Infrastructure vs Southern U.S. Electronic Telegram Infrastructure, the Reason U.S. Generals Resented Electronic Communication, the Impact of Electronic Communication Upon the U.S. Civil War, the 3 Targets of U.S. General Robert Edward Lee, the Reason Lincoln Was Unable to Intercept Lee, the Target Lee Selected, Lincoln Losing Confidence Within U.S. General Joseph Hooker, Hooker Providing Lincoln With His Resignation, the Only U.S. General Who Would Voluntarily Replace Hooker, the Confederacy Severing Electronic Communication Lines Utilized by the Union, the Most Important Battle of the U.S. Civil War, the Largest Battle Upon U.S. Soil Within U.S. History, the Length of the Battle of Gettysburg, the Stalemate of the Battle of Gettysburg, Suspected Sabotage of U.S. First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln’s Wife), Lincoln’s Administration Fearing an Assassination Attempt, Lincoln Unable to Visit Mary Todd Lincoln Whilst in Critical Condition, the Outcome if the Confederacy Had Broken the Union’s Forces at the Battle of Gettysburg, Lee Ordering Waves of Soldiers to Relentlessly Attack the Union, Lee Accepting the Loss of the Battle of Gettysburg, Lee Becoming Defeated But Not Destroyed, Torrential Rains Trapping the Confederacy, Lincolns Instructions to Spanish U.S. General George Meade, the Reason Meade Refused Lincoln’s Orders, Lincoln Becoming Aware of U.S. President Ulysses Grant’s Victory Within Vicksburg, United States of America, the U.S. Civil War Turning in Favor of the Union, Lincoln Believing the End of the U.S. Civil War to Be Within His Grasp, Lincoln Becoming Aware of Lee Retreating to Safety, the Letter Lincoln Sent to Meade, How Lincoln Finished the Letter Sent to Meade, Lincoln Writing Letters to Families Who Had Lost Loved Ones Due to the U.S. Civil War, the 10 U.S. Citizens Who Exhumed Shallow Graves to Provide Proper Burials, How Soldiers Were Identified, Lincoln Pushing to Create a National Cemetery, the Winner of the Battle of Chickamauga, Lincoln Invited to Speak at the Gettysburg Memorial, the Reason Most Presidents During the Period Would Not Accept This Invitation, the Disparate Views of Ex-U.S. Presidents Related to How the State of the Union Should be Delivered, U.S. Student Thomas “Tad” Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln’s Son) Becoming Ill Prior to Lincoln Leaving for Gettysburg, the Reason Mary Todd Lincoln Begged Lincoln Not to Travel, Lincoln Deciding to Travel to Gettysburg and Deliver the Most Important Speech of His Presidency, the Number of People Who Attended Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address Speech, the Main Speaker of the Gettysburg Address Event, the Length of Time U.S. Secretary of State Edward Everett Spoke for and the Topic Covered, the Length of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, the Only Known Photograph of Lincoln at the Gettysburg Address Event, the Virality of the Gettysburg Address During the Period, the Reason the Gettysburg Address Begins With “Four Score and Seven Years Ago”, the Specific Document Lincoln Referenced Within the Gettysburg Address, Lincoln’s View of When the U.S. Was Created, Lincoln’s View of Government, the Message of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, Clues Within the Gettysburg Address Which Provide Insight into Lincoln’s View of the Future of the U.S., Thomas Lincoln Developing Smallpox, the Length of Time Thomas Lincoln Spent Recovering, the Death of U.S. Valet William Henry Johnson (Abraham Lincoln’s Assistant), the Burial Location Lincoln Chose for Johnson, and the Term Lincoln Had Engraved Upon Johnson’s Tombstone

Abraham Lincoln was the first president in US history to use electric communication, specifically the telegraph. The primary question which the Civil War was premised on was “how can a single country allow slavery in some parts, and not in others?”. This is what caused this deeply unpopular war, a war which incredibly costly in terms of human casualties. A secure building referred to as the “War Department” was built near the White House which held multiple telegraph machines and allowed Lincoln...

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