The Freemasons: The Governing Body of The Freemasons, the Number of Active Members, Freemason Losses Post World War II, Freemasons Under the Age of 30, the Link Between the Freemasons and the Guillotin, Consecration Practices of a New Masonic Site, Reasons to Open a Freemason Lodge, the Most Important Date of the Masonic Calendar, and the Meaning of Ranks Within the Freemason Organization

For the past 300 years, the United Grand Lodge of England has been the Freemasons governing body. There are 200,000 current members of the Freemasons. Freemason membership is in decline. Post World War II, nearly 33% of Freemasons have been lost and every year, nearly 100 Masonic lodges close down. Only 2% of Freemasons are under the age of 30. In 1717, 4 lodges met in the Goose and Gridiron Pub to form the first Grand Lodge of England. Dr. Joseph-Ignace Guillotin who created the guillotine was ...

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