Junk Food vs. Healthy Advertisements Viewed By Children Annually, Parents Controlling What Their Child(ren) Consume(s), Techniques to Cajole Children into Making Healthy Choices, Why Obesity is Dangerous, Sugary Soft Drinks Being the Number One Cause of Obesity, How to Determine How Much Sugar a Food or Drink Has, Engaging Children to Make Healthy Lifestyle Decisions as a Group, and the Habits Formed by Age 5 Dictating Later Life

In the US, children see 5500 advertisements for junk food each year and only 100 advertisements for healthy nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables equating to a staggering 55:1 ratio. When parents state that they cannot control what their children eat, there is some truth to that statement. Studies have found that parents can control for better or worse, approximately 72% of what their children consume, but this leadership must come from the top down in that if the adult is drinking a carbo...

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