Health and the Western Diet, the Average Age of Death in the U.S., Life Extension After Having Adopted a Nutritarian Diet, Animal Based Diet vs. Plant Based Diet, Cardiac Disease in Women, Studying Differing Diets Scientifically, the Connection Between Statin Use and Breast Cancer and Diabetes, When the Body Oxygenates and Deoxygenates Blood, and the Problem With Antihypertensive Medication

Overall health and quality of life typically are reduced dramatically after the age of 65 for people who subscribe to consuming a typical western diet. The average American may live to be 79 on paper, but in practice a wide bell curve must be observed which states that the majority of people, or at the very least 50% of people in this range die between the ages of 60 and 79. Those who adopt a nutritarian diet can typically expect 15 - 20 more years than a person who consumed a typical western di...

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