Temperatures In Space, the Radioactivity of Magma and Lava, the Aurora Borealis Being Visible From Space, the Cost of an Astronaut Space Suit, the Reason the Ozone Layer Was Created, the First Vertebrates Stepping Onto Land, the Hottest Planet in the Solar System, Acid Rain Able to Dissolve Rock, the Xiaolangdi Dam in China, and Human Beings Producing More Carbon Emissions Than Volcanoes

When an astronaut embarks upon a space walk, their suits need to be able to withstand -250 degrees Celsius when they are within the vacuum of space without any direct sunlight and 250 degrees Celsius when they are in the direct path of sunlight; an absolutely incredible feat of engineering. Samples of lava which have sprung forth from volcanos all across the Earth have been captured and studied, and it is now understood that lava is radioactive as it has uranium and thorium within it, which scie...

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