The Mycenaeans Learning From the Minoans, the Etymology of the “Phoenicians”, the Assyrian Concept of Melamou, the Assyrian Tradition of Attacking and Plundering Neighboring States, Hallowed Temples Ransacked in Babylon, Iraq and Thebes, Egypt, Methods the Assyrians Used to Kill Enemies, Phoenician Inventions, and Ancient Greek Amendments to the Phoenician Alphabet

The Mycenaeans learned the arts of civilization from the Minoans, everything from writing to fresco paintings to the workings of a centralized economy. The Mycenaeans however were no imitation, ruling from the isle of Crete using their own culture and systems of governance and spirituality long before they made contact with the Minoans. The Phoenicians are called as such because of the murex, which is a sea mollusk, and a source of one of the most precious commodities in the ancient world, the d...

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