The KT Event/Cretaceous Paleogene Event That Caused the Dinosaurs to Become Extinct: The Asteroid That Killed the Dinosaurs, the Energy Release Equivalent of the KT Event/Cretaceous Paleogene Event, Debris and Damage, Mega Tsunamis, and Disruptive Asteroids Colliding With the Earth

The asteroid which killed the dinosaurs hurtled towards the Earth at 64,000,000 kilometers per hour and was 10 kilometers in diameter. When the asteroid hits the Earth, it’s too will still be at 30,000’, nearly the cruising altitude of a 747 jet. The asteroid itself weighs approximately 1,000,000,000,000 (1 trillion) tonnes. Scientists refer to this event as the “KT event” as well as the “Cretaceous Paleogene event”. The shockwave produced released a shockwave which traveled at 19 kilometers per...

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