The Beginning of the Canadian Oil Industry, 1950’s Saudi Arabian Oil Profit Margins, Current Day Saudi Arabian Profit Margins, Oil Needed in the Future as the World Discontinues Use of Fossil Fuels, Shale Oil Extraction Which Meets the 1:5 Ratio of Investment, Sustainability of the Worlds Dual Largest Oil Fields, the Time Needed to Produce Oil, the World’s Daily Oil Consumption Rate, Parts Per Million Carbon Limitations of the Earth, the Inefficiency of Fossil Fuels, the Challenge of Replacing Fossil Fuels, Photosynthesis vs. Solar Technology Efficiency, Vehicle and Building Oil Consumption Efficiency, and Germany Leading the World for the Passive Housing Technique of Building Architecture

The oil industry started in Canada in 1860. Prior to 1860, the primarily fuel source across the world was coal. 88,000,000 (88 million) barrels of oil are burned each and every day. In the 1950’s, Saudi Arabia provided a 1:100 ratio in terms of energy input to extract oil and therefore generate a profitable output. As of 2017, due to the fact that the world has used up more than half of all oil available, this input to output ratio is closer to 1:25. 3 new supplies as large as Saudi Arabia will ...

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