Polygyny in Kuria, Kenya, the Concept of Nyumba Mboke, Lesbian Marriage Being Common in Africa, Traditional Male and Female Roles in Africa, Women Leaving Home to Join Their Husbands Family, Males Taking Care of Their Parents, Secondary Spouses to Help Aid With New Births, Established Polygynistic Families Acquiring Wives for Head Wives, Semi-Annual Circumcision of Boys and Girls (Female Genital Mutilation), and the Number of Circumcised Women in the World

8 hours from Nairobi, Kenya is Kuria, a village in which men have many wives and women often marry women. The tradition in which women marry other women is referred to as “Nyumba Mboke” (pronounced “nee-yom bom-bah-kay”). Woman to woman marriages are actually quite common across the African continent. The reason for woman to woman marriages are common is due solely to the birth of a male heir. When females grow into adulthood, they leave their families to move in with the families of their husba...

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