India Eclipsing China’s Population, the Concept of the Sadhu, the Indian Middle Class, India’s Schizophrenic Attitude Toward Cattle, the Kanpur, India Cattle Trade, the Reason Killing Cattle Does Not Constitute Breaking the Law, Local Fines and Imprisonment for Killing Cattle, Toxic Byproduct of the Leather Trade, Hindu Death Practices, Rules of the Abhorrent Caste System, Final Hindu Funerary Rights, and Worshipping Living People Within Hinduism

India is set to outpace and eclipse China in terms of population and density during the 21st century. The Ganges river is also thought of as and referred to as the goddess “Ganga” (pronounced “gung-ga” with a hard “g”). It is quite common for Hindus to give up all of their possessions and to wander India in the final years of their lives, taking on the role of a sadhu. 250,000,000 (250 million) Indians are considered to be part of the Indian middle class. As of 2014, India’s population has more ...

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