The Legend of King Yu in China, the Xia Settling China, Chinese Palace Layout, Bronze Casting in Ancient China, the Shang Dynasty’s Burial Practices, Chinese Director of the Chinese Imperial Academy Wang Yirong’s Investigation into Malaria “Dragon Bones”, the Spiritual Practices of the Shang, the Shang Practicing Human Sacrifice, Emperor Zhou’s Immolation of Himself and His Palace, Confucius’ View of Morality and the Government, and Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi’s Achievements

China is the oldest nation on Earth. The vast majority of Chinese see themselves of Han Chinese, the largest tribe in the world. The legend of King Yu was thought by historians to be a myth, until a bronze bowl was found, nearly 3000 years of age, engraved with Yu’s story. This is proof that the tale goes back to at least the Bronze Age, with the story accounting that King Yu created the first dynasty of China 4000 years ago. The Xia people (pronounced “shia”) from Hunan province are believed to...

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