Hasidic (Haredi) Jews: The Hebrew Term “Haredi”, Meat Consumption, Men Praying 3x Per Day, the Process of Shabbat, Haredi Women Hair Restrictions Post Marriage, Benefits Paid by the Israeli State, Boys and Girls Taught in Different Classrooms After Age 3, Inconsistencies Between Male and Female Educational Expectations, and Women Being the Breadwinner for Their Family

Hasidic Jews use the term “Haredi” which is derived from the Bible and means “those who tremble before God”. Jews do not consume pork or whales, as only fish which have fins and scales are permitted. Any meat consumed must be kosher meaning that it is cut correctly, blessed correctly, washed correctly, and salted correctly. The Jews believe that when their messiah reveals himself, they will be permitted to eat pork and whale. Jewish men are supposed to pray 3x per day regardless of where they ar...

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