Wheat Within Processed Foods, Wheat Throughout History, Food Manufacturers Substituting Fat for Oils, the Reason Fat and Oil Affect Cells, Glucose vs. Fat for the Brain, The American Heart Association’s First Recommendation, American Physiologist Ancel Keys’ 7 Countries Study, the Controversial Parameters of the 7 Countries Study, the Connection Between Dementia and Diabetes, the Role of Insulin With Cancer and Weight Gain, the Conflict of Interest Between Scientists and the Food Industry, the Connection Between Carbohydrates and Cholesterol, Herbivores and Modern Livestock Farming, and Using Bonemeal as Plant Fertilizer Causing a Problem for Vegetarians and Vegans

Of the 60,000 products in the average super market, approximately 59,000 have wheat. Frozen dinners, breakfast cereals, seasoning mixes (eg. taco seasoning), instant soup, canned soup, salad dressings, and countless more processed foods contain wheat. Wheat has only been within the human diet since the dawn of agriculture which occurred 10,000 years ago. 10,000 years appears to be a long time as it predates the Roman, Greek, and Egyptian empires, but it’s actually less than 0.5% of the total tim...

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