Microbes and Antibiotics: Microbes Within the Human Body, the Reproduction Strategy of the Botfly, French Chemist Louis Pasteur Discovering Pathogens are Opportunistic, the Early Use of Photography, British Microbiologist Alexander Fleming’s Discovery of Penicillin, Allergies Increasing in the General Population but Not the Amish Community, Australian Physician Barry Marshall and Australian Pathologist Robin Warren Discovering Bacteria Cause Ulcers, Microbes Being Intrinsically Linked to Countless Comorbidities, Animals and Human Beings Ingesting Microbes Via Excrement, the Fecal Transplant Industry, the Difficulty of Treating Clostridium Difficile, Microbes Linked to Parkinson’s Disease, Autism Linked to Leaky Gut Syndrome, and Microbes Helping to Reduce Signs and Symptoms of Autism

There are more microbes on and in the human body than there are stars within the Milky Way Galaxy, all together weighing approximately 3 lbs per person which is approximately the same size as the brain. The botfly which is a parasite, catches a mosquito while in mid flight and glues its eggs to the bottom of the mosquitos abdomen. When the mosquito lands and bites a host, the botfly eggs sense the heat from that host and fall from the abdomen, crawling into the hole created by the mosquito. They...

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