The Life, Struggles, and Successes of Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin: The Russian Politician Referred to as the “Dear Father of the People”, Stalin’s Quote Related to Enemies of the Soviet Union, Stalin’s Birth Name, Stalin’s Quote Related to the Bolshevik’s, Stalin’s Goal for the Soviet Union During the Period, Stalin Obliterating Symbology of Russia’s Tsarist Past, Stalin’s Quote Related to Why the Previous Russian State Failed, the Reason Stalin Constructed Infrastructure and Forced the Soviet Union to Modernize, Soviet Union Citizens Encouraged to Emulate Stalin, the Height of Stalin, the Reason Stalin Had Facial Scars, the Age Gap Between Stalin and Azerbaijan Revolutionary Nadezhda Alliluyeva (Joseph Stalin’s Wife), Stalin’s Preferred Vacation Location, Stalin Understanding the Power of Propaganda, How Stalin Promoted Propaganda Unto the Soviet Union Public, Stalin’s Excuse for Failure, Stalin Trialing Scientists, Scholars, and Experts for Sabotage, the Reason These Trials Were Biased, How Stalin Acquired Confessions for Criminal Acts, the Most Likely Sentence for Convicted Persons, Stalin’s Quote Related to Georgian Soldier Yakov Iosifovich Dzhugashvili Stalin’s (Joseph Stalin’s Son) Suicide Attempt, the Suicide of Alliluyeva and the Soviet Union Cover Up of This Event, Stalin Creating Concentration Camps and Secret Law Enforcement Agencies, the Lack of Human Rights for Enemies of the Soviet Union, the Most Common Persecuted Demographics by the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union’s Re-Education Program, the Reason the Stalin Canal Was Excavated, the Number of People Required to Complete the Stalin Canal, the Fridged Temperatures Stalin Canal Workers Were Exposed to, the Technological Flaw of the Stalin Canal, Stalin’s Quote Related to Revenge, the Execution and Deportation Quota of Soviet Union Covert Law Enforcement, How Covert Law Enforcement Were Provided Targets, the Great Purge of the Soviet Union, Russian People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs Head Nikolai Yezhov’s Quote Related to Covert Law Enforcement, Stalin Signing Execution Orders Daily, the Death of Yezhov, Stalin Eliminating All Enemies and Opposition by 1938, the German Nazi’s Barbarossa Operation, the German Nazi’s Defeating the Russian Communist Red Army, German Chancellor Adolf Hitler’s View of the Soviet Union, the Reason the Soviet Union’s Military Was Decimated Prior to the Barbarossa Operation, the Alternative Plan of the German Nazi Regime After Failing to Capture Moscow, Russia, the German Nazi’s Controlling 90% of Stalingrad, Russia During the Period, the First Time a German Nazi Field Marshal Was Captured Alive, the First Person to Defeat Hitler, the Soviet Union Red Army Capturing Berlin, Germany, U.K. Prime Minister Winston Churchill Holding a Toast in Honor of Stalin’s Victory Against the German Nazi’s, the Financial Cost of Stalin’s Victory, the Physical Ailments of Stalin Toward the End of World War II, Hitler Offering a Prisoner Exchange to Return Yakov Iosifovich Dzhugashvili Stalin, Stalin’s Quote Related to This Offer, Stalin Losing His Relationship With His Children Post World War II, Evidence of Stalin Becoming Anti-Semitic, Stalin’s Quote Related to His Usefulness During Old Age, the Death of Stalin, the Last 2 Days of Stalin’s Life, the Reason Stalin’s Personal Physicians Avoided Him, and the Number of Russian Citizens Who Died Due to Stalin

Joseph Stalin, referred to as the “dear father of the people”, in actuality was one of the worst criminals in the history of human civilization. Stalin is quoted as stating, “we will annihilate without pity, anyone who’s deeds or even thoughts threaten the unity of the state”, “we will cut off the harmful members of the party to protect it from illness and infection”, “death is the solution to all problems, no man, no problem”, sacrificing his own family for his political power, and “a true Bols...

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