The Manhattan Project: Germany Producing World Class Scientists, the U.S. Exploiting Germany’s Anti-Semitic Laws During World War II, American General Leslie Groves and American Theoretical Physicist Robert Oppenheimer Heading the Project, The 3 Sites of the Project, German Physicist Albert Einstein Unable to Participate, Compartmentalization of the Project, Coded Terminology, Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin’s Nuclear Project, German Spy Klaus Fuchs, the Largest Military Operation in History, Soviet Invasion of Germany to Source Radioactive Materials and the Jáchymov Uranium Mine, Fuch’s Meeting With the Soviets With Stolen U.S. Research, and the First U.S. Nuclear Test

The Manhattan Project had a budget of $26,000,000,000 ($26 billion). 600,000 people worked on this project across the US in ultra secure sites, with even the US Congress not fully knowing what was occurring. Germany has been a pioneer in the sciences for decades, fields like chemistry and physics, and for nearly 40 years laid claim to the country with the most Nobel Prize laureates, including Max Planc the energy specialist, Albert Einstein, and Werner Heisenberg. Adolf Hitlers antisemetic laws ...

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