Neanderthals: Neanderthal Body vs. Human Being Body, Neanderthal Strength, the Brain Physiology of the Neanderthal, 30% of the Neanderthal Genome Living On, Light Skin, Straight Hair, and Retaining Fat Traits From Neanderthals, Neanderthal Population, Code Samples Revealing Climate History and How This Impacted Neanderthals, the Unique Fingerprint of Volcanic Ash, and Super Volcanoes Around the World

Neanderthals were on average 6” shorter than human beings, due to their vast musculature caused by androgen hormones within their bodies which may have caused them to be more aggressive than humans. Neanderthals were barrel chested with pectoral muscles twice the size of a human beings chest. While Neanderthals were shorter than humans, their extra muscle mass would mean that a Neanderthal and human being would weigh the same but the Neanderthal would be up to 90% stronger than their human being...

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