China Splitting into Factions, Kaifung, China Once the Largest City in the World, Flooding of Kaifung, the Best Fed People in History During the 10th Century, Woodblock Painting of the Tang Dynasty, the Reason Moveable Type Never Caught On in China, Chinese Inventions and Theories, Soccer in China During the Song Dynasty, Emperor Kaifung Increasing the Educated Populace, and Those Excluded From the Educated Populace

After 907 AD, China split into 16 dynasties in just 50 years, dynasties run by warlords fighting amongst themselves for dominance and supremacy. Kaifung, China was once the largest city in the world, a city with no curfew which was important because it made Kaifung a forward thinking and progressive city as opposed to its previous state of being a provincial backwater. Kaifung was subject to 20 floods since the Song Dynasty which is why it is referred to as the “city of memory” as not much has s...

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