The Location of Mesopotamia, the Oldest City in the World, the Mythology of Gilgamesh, the Evolution of Writing, Egyptian vs. Mesopotamian Irrigation, Egyptian Nile Water Containment, the Invention of Nileometers, Trading Brides for Peace in Egypt, Bronze Age Weapon and Item Metal Content Ratio, the Mycenaeans Being the Only Nomadic People to Conquer Ancient Greece, and the Structure of Mycenaean Society Being the Key to its Demise

Mesopotamia is the land between 2 rivers, the Euphrates and the Tigres, but it is also the land between 2 seas, the upper Mediterranean Sea and the lower Persian Sea/Persian Gulf. Mesopotamia is also between a mountain and a desert as well ad between a lagoon and salt marsh. The oldest cities in the world, a city which is defined as a large gathering of people who are strangers to one another, date back 6000 years ago. It should be noted however that Damascus, Syria has been inhabited for 11,000...

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