The Shrewd Cruelty of British Queen Elizabeth: Admonishment by Elizabeth for Not Raiding the Spanish Armada, the Heavily Favored Spanish, the British Cannon, Typhus During the Return Journey to England, Losses by the Spanish and English, Military Commanders Funding Their Own Soldiers, Spanish Losses After the Conflict, the Abysmal Survival and Return Rate for Spain, and Spanish King Philip II Continuing to Fight With Elizabeth

After the Spanish Armada was fought off by the English, Queen Elizabeth berated her commanders for not looting the Spanish ships and brining home treasures and currency for the English throne. Not only did England almost lose due to Queen Elizabeth refusing to spend even a penny more than she has to on anything unless it easfor her comfort, the soldiers did not have the proper food rations, ships to sail into battle with, nor did the have the proper weaponry. The only advantage the British had w...

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