Queen Victoria: The Annus Horribilis, Journalling, Annual Memorial of Prince Albert, Scottish Servant John Brown Helping to Bring Victoria Into the Spotlight, Victoria Being the First Monarch to Publish a Book, the Missing Biography of Brown Written by Victoria, Rumors of a Secret Marriage, Victoria’s Health Issues, Victoria’s Presence in India, Favored Indian Servant Hafiz Mohammed Abdul Karim, Karim’s Horrible Treatment of Other Servants, Indian Servant Hourmit Ali Picking Up and Keeping Victoria’s Dropped Broach and Victoria Defending This Theft Causing Massive Tension With Servants, and Victoria’s After Death Requests and Her Children Disobeying Some of Them

At the age of 42 in 1861, Queen Victoria experienced her “annus horribilis”, with the death of her mother and her husband Prince Albert. Marriage had infantilized Victoria, as she looked to Albert for everything, from the greatest of tasks and decisions to the smallest. Victoria’s mother and husband were both born in Germany, expressing in her journal “if I were not who I am, my real home would be here (Germany)”. Victoria was 75% German, and she idolized the land and it’s people. Victoria was f...

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