The U.S. Judicial System: Biases, Blindspots, and Blunders In Need of Repair – The Number of U.S. Citizens Arrested Annually, Incarcerated Persons Within the U.S. vs Students Within the U.S., the Number of U.S. States Which Meet the Most Basic International Standards of “Use of Force”, the Number of Felonies the Average American Commits Per Day Unknowingly, the First and Only Question for Law Enforcement Once Having Been Detained, the Illegality of Law Enforcement Holding a Suspect Without Reason, the Best Response After Law Enforcement Confirms That a Person is Not Being Detained, the Legality of Deception and Misinformation Provided by Law Enforcement, the Reason the U.S. Government Began Utilizing Third Party Resources for Medical Treatment Within Prisons, Law Enforcement Encountering Schizophrenia Statistic, the Number of Incarcerated Persons Within the U.S. Who Suffer From Mental Illness, the Consequence of Being Unable to Afford Bail, the Effect of Prison Attire During Trial vs the Effect of Civilian Clothing During Trial, the Income Generated by the Prison Industry Within the U.S. Annually, the Reason Suspects are Considered Innocent Until Proven Guilty, the U.S. Constitutions 8th Amendment, the Annual Income of the Bail Bond Industry, the View of Solitary Confinement by the United Nations and Amnesty International, the Necessary Threshold to Become Subjected to Solitary Confinement, the Majority of Convicted Persons Reporting Mental Illness After Experiencing Solitary Confinement, Solitary Confinement Suicide Statistic, the Number of Convicted Persons Experiencing Solitary Confinement Within the U.S., the Vast Reach and Power of Prosectors, the Limited Reach and Power of Impoverished Accused Persons, the U.S. Judicial Systems Treatment of a Wealthy Guilty Person vs the U.S. Judicial Systems Treatment of an Impoverished Innocent Person, the Reason Prosecutors Stack Multiple Charges for the Same Individual, the Method Used to Resolve the Majority of U.S. Criminal Cases, the Purpose of a Plea Bargain for Prosecutors, the Purpose of a Plea Bargain for the U.S. Judicial System, the Disbenefit of Removing the Plea Bargain System, American Psychologist Stanley Milgram’s Authority Experiment, How Milgram’s Authority Experiment Worked, the Discoveries of Milgram’s Authority Experiment, One of the Leading Causes of Overcrowded Prisons Within the U.S., the Average Sentence for Burglary Within Canada and the U.K. vs the Average Sentence for Burglary Within the U.S., the Sentence for Illicit Drug Offences Within Most Countries vs the Sentence for Illicit Drug Offences Within the U.S., the Additional Sentencing Forced Upon African American Defendants, the Ineffectiveness of High Incarceration Rates, the Period When Criminologists Began Understanding the Correlations Between Crime, Incarceration, and Recidivism, the Reason the U.S. Pubic Was Divided in its Views of Incarceration, the Political Benefit of Being Viewed as “Tough on Crime”, the Connection Between the War on Drugs and the Construction of New Correctional Facilities, the Use of Media to Promote and Reinforce Harmful and Inaccurate Stereotypes, Ethnicity Playing No Factor in Illicit Drug Use and Distribution, African American Illicit Drug Use and Distribution Arrests vs Caucasian Illicit Drug Use and Distribution Arrests, the African American Population and Incarceration Rate Within the U.S., African American Men Incarceration Statistic, the Number of U.S. Citizens Who Can Not Vote Within Political Elections Due to a Previous Conviction, the Practice of Felony Disenfranchisement Around the World, the Country Which Convicts the Largest Number of Persons for Illicit Drug Related Crimes, Incarcerated Person Sexual Assault and Physical Assault Statistic, the Number of Correctional Facilities and Jails Within the U.S., the Purpose of the 13th Amendment, the Number of Convicted Persons Working Under Forced Slave Labor Conditions, the Minimum Wage Requirement of Correctional Facilities, Major U.S. Corporations Utilizing Correctional Facility Slave Labor, the Lack of Requirement for State Designated Minimum Wages and Benefits for Convicted Persons, the Various Industries Which Utilize Correctional Facility Slave Labor, the Profit Margin of the Largest Correctional Facilities, Public Prisons Paid to House Inmates Which Can Not Be Housed Elsewhere, the Reason For Profit Correctional Facilities are Incentivized to Run at Maximum Capacity, For Profit Correctional Facilities Lobbying for Tough on Crime Legislation, Convicted Persons Housed Within Public Facilities Statistic, Half of Detained Immigrants Held Within Public Correctional Facilities, the Reason the U.S. Government Does Not Provide Detained Immigrants Basic Care and Legal Representation, Amenities Not Provided by Correctional Facilities, the Expensive Financial Cost of Correctional Facility Commissary, Convicted Persons Generating More Income After Having Become Non-Formally Educated Within Prison, the U.S. Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, the Paradox of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, The Number of Prisons and Post Secondary Institutions Constructed Within California, United States of America, Post 1970, Convicted Person Prison Assault Statistic, the Reason Knives are Primary Used Within Correctional Facilities for Defence and Offence, the Reason Every Second of a Homicide Suspects Time Under Arrest is Recorded, the Investigative Agency Tasked With Investigating Law Enforcement Misconduct, the Reason This System is Biased, the Investigative Agency Tasked With Investigating Prosecutorial Misconduct, the Deterrence and Punishment Prosecutors are Subject to When Breaking the Law to Prosecute a Case, the Destruction of Evidence Post Conviction, the Estimated Number of Convicted Persons Wrongfully Convicted and Serving Sentences, the Majority of Homicide Not Related to Harming an Individual, the Correlation Between Homicide and Psychopathy, Recidivism Statistic Within the U.S., and Half of All Convicted Persons Incarcerated Due to Addiction, Economic Depression, and/or Mental Health Issues

13,000,000 (13 million) people are arrested in the US each year, which equates to all of Los Angeles, United States of America and all of New York City, United States of America combined. There is currently more inmates in correctional facilities than there are students obtaining a post secondary education. No state has “use of force” laws which meet even the most basic international standards of reasonable force. Due to the fact that so many laws have been written into the US judicial system, t...

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