Tim Berners-Lee: The Person Who Created the Internet – The Person Who Created the Internet, the Career Path of English Mathematician Conway Berners-Lee (Tim Berners-Lee’s Father) and English Mathematician Mary Lee Woods (Tim Berners-Lee’s Mother), How Berners-Lee Developed the Concept of the Internet, Berners-Lee’s Concept of Linked Information, the Person Who Developed Hypertext, the Decade the Internet Became User Friendly, Berners-Lee Attempting to Make the Internet User Friendly, the Incompatibility of Computers During the Period, Berners-Lee’s Concept of a Centralized Unit for All Cables, Berners-Lee Expanding Upon This Idea, the Internet Becoming a Decentralized System, the Benefit of a Decentralized Internet, the Name Berners-Lee Chose for the User Friendly Internet, Berners-Lee Offering the Internet Free of Charge to All Users, the Reason Berners-Lee Chose This Path, and Berners-Lee Creating the World Wide Web Consortium

Tim Berners-Lee created the internet. Berners-Lee is the son of mathematicians, his mother and father part of a team who programmed the world’s first commercial stored program computer, the Manchester University Mark 1. Berners-Lee developed the idea for the internet as a young boy, when he discussed how machined might one day possess artificial intelligence with his father who was reading a book on the human brain. Berners-Lee realized that if information could be linked, information which woul...

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