Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien: The First Female Supreme Court Justice, Views Upon Cutting National Debt, Balancing Canada’s Debts for the First Time in Canadian History, Creating Goals and Targets for the Public, Financial Vision Going Forward, the Clarity Act and the Secession of Quebec, Foreign Affairs and the Conflict in the Middle East, Chretien and U.S. President George Walker Bush Disagreeing Before Entering Conflict, Zimbabwe Dictator Robert Mugabe, British Prime Minister Tony Blair Encouraging Canada to Join the Conflict, and the Unprecedented Path Forward for the Canadian Government and Military

Jean Chrétien appointed the first woman to the Supreme Court of Canada. woman to the Supreme Court of Canada. Chrétien understood that federal budget problems can be solved by cutting back, but that in the future, problems arise in the federation when less money is available. Chrétien has been quoted as saying “in the economy, when the spiral goes downward, everything goes down very fast, but it’s the same thing when it’s going upward”. In 1997, Chrétien’s government balanced Canada’s debts for ...

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