The Animism Faith, Building Sites of Worship While Herding Animals, Suffering and its Connection to Euphoria, Heatbeat Synchronicity Chanting, Agriculture Developing into Civilization in Egypt, Linking Intelligence to God to Remain Unchallenged, the Ancient Egyptian God Horus and His All Seeing Eye, Panhandling In Front of Retail Shops vs. Churches, Pain Being a Greater Motivator Than Pleasure, the Mastaba Tombs of Ancient Egypt, Mastaba Evolution, Royal Architect Imhotep Building the First Pyramid, Secular Shrines of the Modern Day, the Original Appearance of the Great Pyramids of Giza, Scientific Evidence that the Pyramids Were Not Built by Slaves, and the Reason the Pyramids Could be Built by Regular Citizens of the State

For over 2,000,000 (2 million) years human beings were hunter gatherers, and hunter gatherer societies typically practice animism as their religion which is when the spirits of nature is divine and these spirits are seen everywhere, everything from the sand and wind to the water and rocks to the animals and insects which inhabit the world. Hunter gatherers roamed freely across the landscape but those who had livestock would stop and stay put when they found new pastures. These herders would sett...

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