The U.S. Government, Security, and Monitoring of Citizens: The Formation of the U.S. National Security Agency, Trapwire Facial Recognition Software for Law Enforcement, Facebook Facial Recognition Database, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Autonomous Insect Drone Research, Digestible Microchips, the National Security Agency’s Prism Project, American Computer Intelligence Consultant Edward Snowden Discovering Verizon Working With the U.S. Government, Future Attribution Screening Technology Searching for Potential Early Criminal Activity, and the National Security Agency Data Center

The National Security Agency was developed in 1952 under the Harry Truman administration, with the original intent of gathering foreign intelligence. In 2007, Trapwire was introduced in the US which is facial recognition software designed to create leads for law enforcement when reviewing the aftermath of a crime through closed circuit television. All US major cities have this technology available and in use. Facebook is one of the largest facial recognition databases in the US and works hand in...

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