The History of Cats: Ancestral Cats Being Few, Cats Being Self-Sufficient, Total Domesticated Cats Worldwide, the Rare Felis Sylvestris Cat, the Reason Human Beings Domesticated Cats, the Reason Cats Remain Only Partially Tame and Domesticated, Cat Hearing, Vision, and Claws, the Difference Between Male and Female Cats, the Genetic Difference Between Bred and Feral Cats, Cats Killed During the Salem Witch Trials Causing Further Bubonic Plague, Turkey Being the Birthplace of the Cat, the Cyprus, Shillourokambos Cat Tomb, Mummified Ancient Egyptian Cats With Broken Necks, Fur Color Camouflage, and Problems Breeders Face

Domesticated cats of the modern day are descendants of just a few ancient groups, as small numbers of cats split off and migrated around the globe. Each of these sub sets of cats have less genetic variation than the original population, which means that cats with the most genetic variance are direct descendants of the first domesticated cats. The domestic cat is completely self reliant if need be, able to live in a wide variety of climates, including alongside penguins near the Antarctic, on the...

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