Technology Corporations and World Governments: Google Advertisement Revenue and Trading Data for Content, the Importance of Who Holds the Data, Corporate Privacy Laws Worldwide, the Total Information Awareness Program, Facebook Replacing Federal Bureau of Investigation Tools, Facebook Keeping All Data Indefinitely, Governments Working With Technology Corporations to Avoid the Fourth Amendment and Third Party Doctrine, Facebook Working With World Governments to Provide Access to Data for Criminal Investigation, U.S. President Barack Obama’s Administration’s Prosecution of Whistleblowers, the Only Industry to Develop Exponentially, and the Reduction in Cost for Video Surveillance

The average person provides Google with $500.00 in revenue each year just by using its services. The bulk of this revenue is garnered by advertisements Google displays based upon past searches which Google then sells to the highest bidding company looking to sell somebody a product similar to what they searched previously. This is primarily how Google and all other online platforms (eg. Facebook, Bing, Instagram etc.) generate income. It is not the giving up of data that is concerning for consum...

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