Britain and China: The Chinese Kangxi Emperors 16 Maxims, Confucian Teachings, Kangxi’s Advice to His Sons, British General Sir George Macartney’s Britain Idiom and Feelings of China and the Chinese People, Trade Between Britain and China, the Sale of Opium, the Destruction of Opium and the Opium Wars, the Century of Humiliation, and Byproducts of the Opium War

The Chinese Kangxi Emperor (pronounced "kang-shi") issued 16 maxims, each 7 characters long, to instruct the average citizen in the basic principles of Confucian orthodoxy. These guidelines for the people were posted in every town and village in China and read by the people twice per month, a custom which lasted until the 20th century. These messages included, “highly esteem filial piety and brotherly submission to give due weight to social relations”, “behave generously toward your family to pr...

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