The Origin Story of Ancient Egyptian Deities Osiris and Isis, Pharaoh Hetepheres’ Immaculate Tomb, Female Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, Pharaoh Hatshepsut Dressing as a Male, the Top Electrum of Obelisks, Ancient Egypt Offering Egalitarianism Between Men and Women, the Deity Thoth, Reading and Writing in Ancient Egypt, Nefertari’s Famous Greek Silver Earrings, and Alexander the Great on Ancient Egyptian Currency

The Egyptian gods Isis and Osiris were bother and sister as well as husband and wife. Isis was the active, dominant partner whilst Osiris was more passive and killed off early within his story. Isis was the mother of all gods and goddesses. The only power strong enough to bring him back to the world of the living was Isis The Egyptians believed that from this pair stemmed all of human civilization. Pharaoh Hetepheres (pronounced “heh-teh-pair-aays” but “heh-teh-fear-aays” is acceptable as well) ...

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