The Rocky Mountains of North America: Male Bighorn Sheep Competing, the Greatest Temperature Fluctuation Ever Recorded, Forest Fire During the Summer and Avalanches During the Winter, Snow and Wind, the Wolverines Sense of Smell, Sibling Cannibalistic Salamanders, Salamanders Converting Gills into Lungs, Hummingbird Birth Weight and Nests, Feeding, and Migration

The bighorn sheep has horns which weigh 30 lbs., equivalent to the same weight of every bone in their body. When the male bighorn sheep crash their horns into one another, they do so with 8x the force needed to fracture a human skull. Other creatures would succumb to brain damage, but bighorn sheep have a double layer of bone within their skull to absorb the impact. Thick tendons join the skull to the spine to help recoil and prevent whiplash from occurring. Bighorn sheep are typically quiet and...

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