Ancient Roman Emperor Claudius’ Impromptu Dinners, Suicide by Senators, the Concept of Bread and Circuses, Emperor Augustus’ Bread Allowance, Claudius, Emperor Domitian, and Emperor Nero’s Habits When Watching Gladiatorial Games, the Bureaucrats of Ancient Rome, Emperor Hadrian’s Wall, the Ancient Greek Concept of “Eunomia”, Emperor Constantine’s Generosity, the Rushed Council of Nicaea, the New Roman Capital of Constaninople (Istanbul, Turkey), Constantine’s Deathbed Baptism, and the Homo Sapien and Civilization Timelines

Although Roman leaders were often prone to vanity, debauchery, and insanity, it didn’t seem to matter as the Roman Empire carried on regardless. The machinery of empire, trade, tax collection, and public works carried forth, but the imperial system distorted the values and ideals of Rome. The emperor Claudius used to turn up to the homes of senate members unannounced and have his bodyguards serve dinner to both himself and the owner of the home alongside their family. Many senators developed sto...

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