Sexual Abuse Within the Catholic Church: The Psychology of Catholic Priests Who Sexually Abused Minors, the Bible Contradicting the Catholic Churches Celibacy Rule, the Reason the Celibacy Rule Came to Fruition, Arrested Psycho-Sexual Development in Young Priests, the Catholic Churches Argument of Ridding Homosexuality to Remove Child Sexual Abuse, Pope Benedict XVI’s Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Power, and $1,000,000,000 ($1 billion) Paid to 100,000 Victims

The Catholic Church has admitted on record that it is aware that bishops, priests, and deacons have been sexually abusing children since the 4th century. The church has acknowledged that sexual abuse has been an ongoing problem which has flourished without recourse because of the fact that the sexual abuse of children is viewed the same as sexual intercourse with a woman, as both issues are forbidden therefore breaking either is considered equal to its counterpart as both engagements are breakin...

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