The Reason the Ottoman Empire Had the Financial Capability to Expand, the Ottoman Empire Growing to be the Largest Islamic State in History, the Nexus Point Between Europe and the Middle East, Turkish Sultan Mehmed II Attacking Istanbul Without Warning, Mehmed II Attacking Constantinople (Istanbul, Türkiye) With Cannon Fire, the Formation of the Elite Janissary Soldier Rank, the Capture, Indoctrination, and Training of All Janissary Soldiers as Young Boys, Mehmed II Collapsing 1 Millenia of Christian Rule Within Constantinople, Mehmed II’s Next Goal After Capturing Constantinople, the Kingdom of Wallachia Lead by Romanian Voivode (Monarch) Vlad III, Vlad III and Romanian Prince Radu III Captured by Mehmed II as Children, Romanian Voivode Vlad II and the Christian Knight Order of the Dragon, the Concept of the “Order of the Dragon”, the Meaning of “Dracu” Within the Wallachian Language, the Title of “Dracu” Provided to Vlad II Causing His Son Vlad III to Become “Dracula”, Mehmed II and Radu III Possibly Being in a Romantic Relationship, Radu III Embracing Islam Whilst Vlad III Held Onto Christianity, Vlad III Stalling and Stopping the Flow of Gold From Wallachia into the Ottoman Empire, the Reason Vlad III Stopped Gold Export into the Ottoman Empire, Mehmed II Sending Emissaries to Collect Payment, the Reason Conflict Broke Out Between Vlad III and Mehmed II’s Emissaries, Mehmed II Interpreting Vlad III’s Actions as an Act of Aggression, Mehmed II’s Military Capabilities vs Vlad III’s Military Capabilities, the Strategy Employed by Vlad III to Attack Mehmed II, Vlad III Disguising His Soldiers as Janissaries, the Use of the Janissary Kilij Weapon, the Most Common Weapon of Choice for European Knights, European Longsword vs Turkish Kilij, the Design of the Kilij Blade, Vlad III Leveraging Psychological Terrorism During Conflict, News of Vlad III’s Conquest Reaching Europe, Vlad III’s Plan to Leverage the Hungarian Military to Repel the Ottoman Empire, Romanian King Matthias Corvinus Refusing to Assist Vlad III, Mehmed II Tasking Radu III and the Janissaries With Defeating Vlad III, Mehmed II Reinforcing His Military With Calvary From Greece and Türkiye, Engineers From Constantinople, and Artillery From Bulgaria, Mehmed II Holding a Favorable Ratio of Soldiers in Comparison to Vlad III, Ottoman Soldier Training vs Wallachian Soldiers Training, the Reason Vlad III’s Small Force Could Compete With Mehmed II’s Large Force, Vlad III Implementing the Scorched Earth Strategy, Soviet Union Premier Joseph Stalin Leveraging the Scorched Earth Strategy During World War II, the Benefit of the Scorched Earth Strategy for Stalin, Vlad III Ordering the Destruction of Wallachia, Vlad III Leveraging Plague to Repel Ottoman Forces, Vlad III Inventing the Strategy of Biological Warfare, Vlad III Hiding Impalement Traps for Ottoman Soldiers, the Concept of the Bear Pit/Wolf Pit Trap, How Vlad III Cajoled Ottoman Soldiers into Taking a Specific Path, Vlad III Demoralizing the Ottoman Military Prior to Engaging in Conflict, the Death Toll in Wallachia Post Conflict, Corvinus Imprisoning Vlad III, Radu III Installed into Power as the Monarch of Wallachia Allowing Mehmed II Control in a Non-Traditional Format, and the Ottoman Empire Dominating Wallachia and Pushing into Vienna, Austria

Seizing the overland trade routes between Asia and Europe provided the first Ottoman emperors the financial power to expand outward. In just 150 years, the Ottoman grew to become the largest Islamic state the world has ever seen. Marking the border with the Islamic Middle East just across the Bosporus Straight, the massively fortified city of Constantinople in modern day Istanbul has stood for 1000 years as an nearly impregnable outpost on the edge of Christendom. Mehmed II who was also referred...

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