London, England During the Medieval Age: London Bridge, Filthy Conditions in Public, Regulation for Expired Meat, the Inability of Medieval Age Medicine to Cure Illness, the Correct Understanding of Urine During the Medieval Period, Bloodletting, Rats from China and the Bubonic Plague, Mass Public Burials Due to Illness, and London Becoming Cleaner as a Result of the Bubonic Plague

The city of London, England is 2000 years old. During the Medieval Age, London Bridge was the only bridge across the Thames River making it a busy and congested bottleneck of people, animals, and goods. London had grown by nearly 500% in opposition to the previous 2 centuries, overwhelming any attempt at civil planning. By the start of the 14th century, London had grown from a small town of approximately 17,000 people, into a thriving city with approximately 100,000 people, all hemmed in between...

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