The Life, Struggles, and Successes of Austrian Actor and Inventor Hedy Lamarr: the Birth Location of Lamarr, Lamarr Featured Within the German Ekstasy (Ecstasy) Film, the First Simulated Orgasm Within a Film, German Chancellor Adolf Hitler Prohibiting the Viewing of the Ekstasy Film, the Career of Austrian Business Person Fritz Mandl (Hedy Lamarr’s Husband), How Lamarr Escaped This Marriage, the Religion Lamarr Was Raised Within, the Income Generated by Lamarr’s First Job Within Hollywood, Lamarr Offered a Secondary Contract With a Higher Income, Hollywood Film Industry Celebrities Emulating Lamarr, How Lamarr Helped American Business Person Howard Hughes Develop a More Aerodynamic Aircraft, Hughes’ Response to This Effort, Lamarr’s Favorite Subject During Secondary School, Lamarr Creating the First Radio Controlled Torpedo Missile, How the German Nazi’s Defended Against Radio Technology During the Period, How Lamarr’s Radio Controlled Torpedo Missile Avoids This Intervention, the Reason Lamarr’s Invention Was Effective Against German Nazi Radio Jamming Technology, the Accusation of Lamarr Plagiarizing this Idea, the Suspected Inspiration of Lamarr’s Radio Controlled Torpedo Missile, How Lamarr Met American Composer George Antheil, How Lamarr Provided Antheil Her Contact Information, Antheil’s Public Perception, Antheil’s Strategy to Keep Patrons From Leaving Concerts, Antheil Leveraging His Knowledge of Self-Playing Piano’s to Help Lamarr, Lamarr and Antheil Successfully Aquiring a Patent for Their Joint Idea, the U.S. Military’s Use of Patent Technology During the Period, the Reason the U.S. Navy Rejected Lamarr and Antheil’s Idea, Lamarr and Antheil’s Disparate Views for the Future of This Patent, Lamarr Encouraged by the U.S. Military to Sell War Bonds, Lamarr Helping the U.S. Government Despite Not Being a U.S. Citizen, the Total Economic Value Generated by Lamarr for the Sale of War Bonds, the U.S. Government Seizing Lamarr and Antheil’s Patent and Classifying its Contents, the Reason Lamarr Never Felt Respected Within the Hollywood Film Industry, How American Film Producer Louis Mayer Viewed Women, Mayer Suing Lamarr and Damaging Her Reputation Within the Hollywood Film Industry, the Only Man Lamarr Ever Truly Loved, the Number of Times Lamarr Married, Lamarr Becoming Mentally Unstable During Her Elder Years, Lamarr Claiming Her Adopted Son Chose to Live With His Athletics Coach, Lamarr’s Claimed Reaction to This News, the Reason Lamarr Experienced Erratic Behavior, German Physician Max Jacobson Losing His Medical License, How Jacobson Referred to the Cocktail of Medication he Provided Patients, Lamarr Arrested for Shoplifting, the Outcome of This Trial, Lamarr Losing Her Role Within the Picture Mommy Dead Film Due to These Criminal Charges, Lamarr Producing a Book Publication Via Ghostwriters, Lamarr’s Reputation Within the Hollywood Film Industry During the Period, Lamarr Pioneering Various Forms of Cosmetic Surgery, Lamarr Learning of the U.S. Military Utilizing Antheil and Her Patent, the Excuse the U.S. Military Provided of Why Antheil and Lamarr’s Patent Was Utilized Without Payment, Evidence of the U.S. Military Utilizing Antheil and Lamarr’s Patent Without Payment, American Mathematician Romauld Scibor-Marchocki Utilizing Antheil and Lamarr’s Patent to Design the Sonobuoy, Scibor-Marchocki Acknowledging Antheil and Lamarr for This Design, How U.S. Patent Expiry Legislation Works, the Modern Day Technologies Predicated Upon Antheil and Lamarr’s Patent, the Total Economic Value of Antheil and Lamarr’s Patent, Virtually Every Person in the World Connected Using Antheil and Lamarr’s Patent, and Lamarr’s Forbes Magazine Quote

Hedy Lamarr, a Hollywood actor during the Golden Age of cinema was an incredibly brilliant woman who enjoyed inventing things. Lamarr grew up in Austria and was educated in Public schools as her parents were wealthy, cultured, and introduced their daughter to the world of academia. Lamarr was featured in a European film called “Ekstasy” meaning “Ecstasy” in German. Lemarr was featured nude in this film which also had a sex scene and was the first time a simulated orgasm was captured on film. The...

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