The Toxic Tanning Process Throughout History, the Size of the Palace of Versailles and it’s Massive Candle Budget During the 18th Century, the Lack of Bathrooms Within the Complex, French Queen Marie Antoinette’s Bath Obsession, Aristocrats Not Paying Income Tax, the Advent of the Lieu L’anglaise Toilet, Ushering in the Age of the French Revolution, French Physician Jean Noel Halle Searching for the Cause of Illness, the Cahiers de Doléances for Grievances, Failing of Crops Causing a Shortage of Food, the Advent of the Guillotine, the Slow Decomposition Process of Those Executed, the Paris, France Catacombs, Head of State Napoléon Bonaparte’s Hot Water Obsession, the First Socialized Vaccination Program in France, and French President Napoléon III Improving French Sewers

Paris, France around the time of the French Revolution was an absolute mess in terms of sanitation. Over 500,000 people were crammed into an area of 28 square kilometres. One of the largest contributors to pollution doing this day was the work of tanneries, which converted what is essentially animal skin, into leather goods. First the hide was immersed in an alkaline lime and water solution for up to 3 weeks, then it was brought out and shaved for both the hair on one side of the hide and the di...

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