Vincent Van Gogh: Molestation Accusation and the Madame Chrysantheme Book, the La Mousmé Painting, Erectile Dysfunction, Using a Hat With Candles to Paint at Night, the Connection Between Bull Fighting and Van Gogh’s Ear Removal Gifting it to a Prostitute, Epilepsy and Other Diagnoses, Suicide Via Poison, the Only Painting Van Gogh Ever Sold, the Final Suicide Attempt, Van Gogh’s Favorite Plant, and Dual Gravesite Beside Brother Theo

When Vincent Van Gogh was forcibly removed from the town of Arles, France, he was soon after accused by the women of that town of molestation. Van Gogh was reading a book entitled “Madame Chrysantheme” by Pierre Loti which was a westernized account of Japanese women. In the book, the mousme (pronounced “mooze-may”) women were typically 13 of 14 and we’re temporarily married to western visitors. Van Gogh’s painting La Mousmé, was of a young woman, aged 13 of 14, and holding a spring of oleander, ...

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