The Volcanic Explosivity Index, Super and Mega Volcanoes, Active and Detonating Volcanoes, Population Prone to Volcanic Eruption, Toba, Indonesia Volcano and Mass Extinction, Eruption of Santorini in 1646 B.C., Minoan Earthquake Resistant Plaster, and the Unique Identifying Geologic Fingerprint Left Behind by Volcanoes

Magma beneath the Earth’s crust makes its way to the seams of the worlds tectonic plates and makes its way through the Earth’s crust to create a volcano. Scientists measure volcanic eruptions using a system referred to as “Volcanic Explosivity Index” which is a system ranking all volcanos from 0 - 8 in terms of their intensity and ability to create damage and/or catastrophe. Like a Richter scale, each additional point is exponential (eg. a classification 5 volcano is 10x less powerful than a cla...

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