The Himalaya Mountains Range, the Yunan Snub Nose Monkey, Snow Leopards, Mountain Livestock, the Indian Monsoon and the Driest Place in India, the Silk Road, the Tibetan Hot Spring Snake, Chomolungma, the Rationale for Mount Everest’s Name, the Himalayan Jumping Spider, Climbers Having a Maximum of 15 Minutes at the Top of Mount Everest, and the Continued Rising of Mount Everest Due to Geologic Forces

The Himalayas stretch across Asia for 2400 kilometers, extending from western Pakistan through northern India, then into Nepal reaching the highest elevation in the world with Mt. Everest before pushing into Bhutan and finally China. The Yunan snub nose monkey which resides in Yunan, China survived at an altitude of 8000’ above sea level, living higher than any other monkey on Earth. The Yunan snub nose monkey has evolved no overhanging nose so they run a lower risk of frostbite on their face, l...

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