Children Within Single Parent Homes, Idolization of Celebrity, Childhood Obesity, Promethazine and Softdrinks, the Buddhist Farmer Proverb, the Etymology of “Disease”, the Concept of Relinquishing, the Duality of the Mind Body Connection, Meditation Creating Improved Quality of Life, Childhood Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Transcendental Meditation Improving Educational Studies, and Eating Healthy

62% of low income families have only 1 parent involved within the lives of the children in such conditions. It is theorized that celebrities (eg. musicians, athletes, actors etc.) play a larger role of influence within the lives of children without 2 parents as a way to fill in the gaps of the missing information typically provided by a role model from each gender. The gender of the missing parent is predominantly male which causes children, most often young boys, to find role models in celebrit...

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