The Estimated Value of Counterfeit Currency Circulating Within the U.S., the U.S. Government Introducing New $100.00 Notes to Combat Counterfeit Currency, the Security Features of the New $100.00 Notes, the U.S. Government Updating the $100.00 Note in 2013 to Introduce Further Anti-Counterfeit Security Measures, the Security Features of the New 2013 $100.00 Notes, How the Texture of Currency is Manufactured, Metal Plates Created to Print Currency, the Capabilities of the Intaglio Printing Press, the Cost of the Intaglio Printing Press, the Process of Creating Currency, the Only Company in the World Which Produces Optically Variable Ink, the Introduction of Counterfeit $100.00 Super Notes in 2004, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Operation Smoking Dragon Program to Discover $100.00 Super Notes, the Original Intent of Operation Smoking Dragon, the Economic Value of Producing and Importing Counterfeit Cigarettes into the U.S., Counterfeit Cigarette Operations Evolving into Illicit Drugs and Other Industries, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation Working With the U.S. Secret Service to Combat Counterfeit Currency, Counterfeit Currency Production Technically Being an Act of War, the Techniques and Methods Used by the U.S. Government to Detect Counterfeit Currency, the U.S. Secret Service’s Immense Counterfeit Currency Database, $100.00 Super Notes Not Displaying Imperfections as True Currency Does, the Country Which Produces the Best Counterfeit U.S. Currency, the Reason the North Korean Government Has Begun Expanding into Illegal Industries, the Origin of North Korean Counterfeit Currency, North Korea Obtaining the Exact Chemical Mixture of Ink Used for U.S. Currency, the Reason the U.S. Government Can Estimate the Volume of Counterfeit Currency Produced by North Korea, North Korea Leveraging Counterfeit U.S. Currency to Finance the States Nuclear Program, North Korea Producing Counterfeit U.S. Currency to Weaken the U.S. Dollar and U.S. Economy, Operation Smoking Dragon Successfully Reducing Counterfeit Currency Within the U.S., the U.S. Government Unclear if the North Korean State Has Stopped Producing Counterfeit Currency or if it Has Become Undetectable, Nigerian Con Artist Tobechi Onwuhara’s Fraud Ring, How Onwuhara Discovered Targets to Defraud, How Onwuhara Gathered Intelligence About Targets, Onwuhara Producing Sophisticated Target Dossiers to Bypass Anti-Fraud Measures Setup by Banking Institutions, Onwuhara Using Technology to Spoof Telephone Numbers, Onwuhara’s Team Using a Script to Commit Fraud, Onwuhara’s Team Gathering Intelligence Related Specifically to Security Questions Asked by Banking Institutions, the Most common Security Questions Protecting a Financial Account, Onwuhara’s Team Leveraging Social Engineering to Bypass Banking Security Measures, How Onwuhara’s Team Collected Stolen Funds, Onwuhara’s Flamboyant and Extravagant Personality, the Total Value Stolen by Onwuhara’s Team, the Reason the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation Identified and Caught Onwuhara’s Team, How Voice Recognition Technology Works, the Location Onwuhara Was Detained, U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation Agents Remotely Monitoring Onwuhara’s Detention to Confirm His Identify, Onwuhara Released From Detention, Onwuhara Fleeing the U.S. Prior to Future Arrest and Conviction, Onwuhara Discovered in Australia in 2013, Onwuhara Agreeing to Assist Banking Institutions With Increasing Security Measures, None of Onwuhara’s Stolen Funds Being Recovered by the U.S. Government, Russian Writer Alexander Litvinenko Working for the British Military Intelligence Section 6 Agency After Defecting From Russia, Litvinenko Openly Criticizing the Russian Government, Litvinenko Succumbing to an Unknown Illness, the Symptoms of Litvinenko’s Unknown Illness, the U.S. Government Identifying the Russian Agents Who Poisoned Litvinenko, Litvinenko’s Health Failing Within 18 Days, the Reason Bone Marrow Failure is Deadly for Human Beings, Bone Marrow Failure Potentially Caused by Radiation Poisoning, the Most Common Radiation Experienced by Human Beings, How Geiger Counter Technology Works and Why Geiger Counters Make Clicking Noises, the Volume of Measurement Utilized by Geiger Counters, the Acceptable Limit of Radiation for Human Beings and the Typical Radiation Rate of Non-Radioactive Environments, Litvinenko’s Radiation Results, the Reason Litvinenko’s Specific Radiation Poisoning Was Uncovered, Gamma Radiation vs Alpha Radiation, the Capability of Gamma Radiation vs the Capability of Alpha Radiation, the Method Used to Poison Litvinenko, the Radioactive Poison Used to Assassinate Litvinenko, the Reason Polish Physicist Marie Curie Chose the Name “Polonium” for Her Newly Discovered Element, How Polonium is Extracted, the Reason Polonium is Not Commonly Manufactured, the Value of Polonium, the Lethality of Polonium for Human Beings, and the Death of Litvinenko

It’s estimated that as much as $220,000,000 ($220 million) in counterfeit currency is circulating in the US at any given time. In an effort to combat those who produce counterfeit currency, the US government introduced a new form of $100.00 bills in 1996. This new currency featured the most sophisticated security features in the world including a security strip running down the left hand side of Benjamin Franklin’s portrait which is activated by ultraviolet light causing the strip to turn pink, ...

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