Mithradates VI Ingesting Poison to Become Immune, the Meaning of “Mithradates”, Incestuous Relationship with Sister Laodice and her Romantic Betrayal, and the Mystery Surrounding Mithradates VI’s Death

Mithradates VI (pronounced “myth-rah-day-tees”) was a Persian prince and the 6th ruler of the Kingdom of Pontus, a state founded by the Persian Mithridatic dynasty. Mithradates VI descended from Greek royalty upon his mother’s side of the family, and from Persian royalty upon his fathers side. Mithradates VI purposely ingested poison in order to build up an immunity to it as he was paranoid of being killed by his own court. The term “mithradates” has come to mean an “all purpose antidote” or “pa...

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