Canadian Grizzly Bears: Claws for Digging, Fighting With Peers, Grizzly Legs Mimicking Snow Shoes and Indigenous Mythology Related to it, Female Grizzly’s Giving Birth to Half-Siblings, the Largest Grizzly Bears, Marmot Hunting Tactics, the Wolverine Competitor, Grizzly Bear Population Decline, and the Largest Grizzly Sanctuary in the World

Grizzly bears are lead through life by their sense of smell and because of this, grizzly bears are able to easily dig with their massive paws which have long sharp claws. Digging is useful for grizzly bears because they can smell food underground. The body of the claws are curved providing 5 hooks per paw to dig and relocate soil, sand, and rocks. Grizzly bear claws are not retractable and because they are so deadly, it’s rare to see grizzly bears fight eachother in the wild as both would leave ...

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