Law Enforcement Within the U.S.: Mistrust of the Government, Guaranteed Inalienable Rights, the Problem With the Blue Wall of Silence Within Law Enforcement, the Positive Impact of Police Body Cameras, the Origins of U.S. Law Enforcement Within Slavery and Jim Crow Segregation, Law Enforcement Training to Shoot to Neutralize Not to Kill, and Oakland, United States of America the Police Force With the Longest Mandatory Federal Oversight Due to Corruption Within U.S. History

Mistrust in the government and its agencies and institutions is nothing new, in fact, the US was founded upon the ideology of a fundamental mistrust of government and said government's right to impose its will upon the people; this is essentially why the US Bill of Rights was created. It may seem as though the current political climate of the US is on high alert and that there is instability and fighting amongst the people and their government, namely with law enforcement and politicians and the...

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