The Life, Struggles, and Successes of Austrian Composer Joseph Haydn: The Mentor Austrian Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and German Composer Ludwig van Beethoven Idolized, the Birthplace of Haydn, Haydn’s Extensive Education Within Music, Haydn’s View of His School Headmaster Austrian Educator Johann Matthias Frankh, Haydn Offered the Opportunity to Become a Choir Boy at Saint Stephens Cathedral, the Heavy Workload of Haydn’s Adolescence, the Dual Reasons Haydn Left the Saint Stephens Cathedral Choir, How Haydn Generated Income During Adulthood, the Reason Haydn Began Writing Music for His Students, How Haydn Viewed the Composition Process, Haydn’s Living Conditions Within Vienna, Austria, Haydn’s Affinity for Composing Music During the Night, Haydn’s Early Career Prospects, Hayden Falling in Love With the Daughter of a Patron, the Person Haydn Married, Austrian Aristocrat Maria Anna Aloysia Apollonia Keller’s (Haydn’s Wife) View of Haydn’s Profession, Haydn’s Usage of Diplomacy When Composing Music, How Haydn Accepted Payment for His Work, the Reason Hayden Never Ventured into Public Without a Wig, the Reason it is Understood That Hayden Suffered From Male Pattern Baldness, Haydn Living a Clean and Minimalistic Existence, Haydn’s Frugality With Finances, Haydn’s Quote Upon His Creative Works, Haydn Leveraging Music for Emotion and Thought, How Haydn Helped His Exhausted Fellow Musicians From the Immense Workload of Hungarian Prince Nikolaus I, the Reason Nikolaus I was Referred to as “Nikolaus the Magnificent”, Nikolaus I Interpreting Haydn’s Hidden Message Within Musical Compositions, and the Position Which Haydn Reserved His Most Exquisite Melodic Music for

Both Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as well as Ludwig van Beethoven looked up to Joseph Haydn; Mozart in adornment and Beethoven setting out to acquire Haydn as a mentor. Hayden was born in 1732 in a small country village of Rohrau, Austria (pronounced “roar-ow”) to a father who was a wheelwright who was both literate and musical. Haydn was educated to learn to read, write, sing, and play almost all wind and string instruments. When speaking of his schools headmaster, Haydn stated “I shall be indebted ...

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