Blood of the Human Body: Blood Plasma, Ancient Roman Blood Consumption as Medicine, Blood Within Virtually All Cuisines Worldwide, the Ancient Roman Understanding of Blood, British Physician William Harvey Calculating Blood Flow, the Aerodynamics of Cardiac Surgery, Leukocytes, Hungarian Countess and Serial Killer Elizabeth Bathory, Stem Cells, and Astrocytes

The human body has 20,000,000,000,000 (20 trillion) erythrocytes. Plasma carries the broken down components of food around the body. Plasma makes up more than half of all blood within the body. Drinking blood during the period of the ancient Romans was a common practice when attempting to cure illness. Those who suffered from illness like epilepsy would attend gladiator fights to try and grab a chunk of the dead gladiators liver, or in other cases simply lick the wounds of the befallen gladiator...

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