The Playboy Mansion: Architecture by American American Entrepreneur Arthur Letts and American Architect Arthur Kelly, Extensive Security, the Habitual Nature of Hugh Hefner, the Infamous Grotto, Personal Zoo Permit, Hidden Rooms and Corridors, the American Musician Elvis Presley’s Clandestine Room, American Musician Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch Emulation, British Musician John Lennon Burning a Cigarette into a Priceless French Artwork, the Classifications of Guests and Invitations, and the Largest Celebrations During the Year

The Playboy Mansion was built by Arthur Letts Jr. in 1925. The world renowned architect Arthur Kelly managed the project which was 20,000 square feet in size and took 2 years to complete. The manor is actually a gothic style copy of an English manor home, specifically a 16th century English Tudor manor house from Northamptonshire which is replicated to be an exact copy of what would have been made in 16th century Northamptonshire. Hugh Hefner purchased the property for $1,100,000 ($1.1 million) ...

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