The U.S. Opioid Crisis: U.S. Opioid Statistics, Veteran Suicide Statistics, the Concept of Vanishing Caloric Density, Non-Food and Drug Administration Compliance, Regulation of Supplements During the 1990’s and Those Who Campaigned Against It, the Limited Resources of the Food and Drug Administration, Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) as a Replacement for Opioid Addiction, the Reason the Pharmaceutical Industry is Not Interested in Kratom, Mental Health Statistics, Cameroon Ibogaine Treatment for Opioid Addiction, and Schedule I Drugs in the U.S.

91 Americans die each day due to an opioid overdose which includes both illicit drugs like heroine as well as legal, prescription medications like hydromorphone, brand name Dilaudid. During the modern era of immensely powerful synthetic opioid medication, 80% of heroine users started using heroine by taking prescription opioid medication to which they became addicted. 22 members of the US military, either active or non-active, commit suicide due to the physical and/or psychological pain they end...

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